Secondary Schools In Igbo-Ukwu


A Boys’ Secondary School was built on an 80 hecter piece of land from the proceeds of the Igbo-Ukwu Community Development Lauching of December 1975. The School was founded on November 12, 1976 when the approval was received from the State Government. The school took off immediately in two big blocks of building which before the war was a Teacher’s Training College. The buildings served as a temporary accommodation for the boys until they were transferred to the permanent site, the following year.

At the permanent site in Umudege Village, the initial structures were built at the cost of N45,000.00. The school since its inception has been registering enviable successes in sports and academics. The official visit of the Honourable Commissioner for Education and Information, Professor Godwin A. Odenigwe, on Saturday, the 10th of September 1977, offered an opportunity to lay the foundation stone of Igbo-Ukwu N300,000.00 9estimated0 Boy’s Secondary School. The actual cost of construction according to V.C. Agwuncha’s administration stood at N263,427.68.


Because of the water shortage problems, Igbo-Ukwu Community bought a Water Tanker Lorry at the cost of 20,000.00 to alleviate the problem. They also employed and sponsored a driver and mate to play the role of fetching water for the students. The students had no water problems thereof. Boys’ Secondary School Igbo-Ukwu is basically a creation of the Igbo-Ukwu people, so it was expected that they would protect and encourage its growth. The institution is not to be a world of its own. It is established for the welfare of the society. It is supposed to influence the life in the society as well as to be influenced by society itself. Such mutual influence was to be the bedrock for the healthy growth of both the school and the Igbo-Ukwu community.


The Girls’ Secondary School was founded in 1977 after the request was placed on the table of the Honourable Commissioner of Education and Information during his visit for the foundation stone laying for the Boys’ Secondary School. The Igbo-Ukwu Community had requested that the two big blocks of buildings which housed the Teachers’ Training College before the war, and the year before, housed the Boys’ Secondary School, should be converted to the Girls’ Secondary School. The Igbo-Ukwu Community had earlier acquired more land for this purpose. They equally pledged that they had acquired the means to put up permanent buildings when they get the approval. The approval was received promptly and the structures estimated to be built at the cost of N500,000.00. The actual cost at completion stood at N328,948.51

The Igbo-Ukwu Girls’ secondary School, as expected, attracted numbers almost immediately. Rev. Sr. C. Ezeh was appointed as the pioneer principal of the school. At the time of its inception, it had the second largest command in population in the whole of Awka Zone. By June 1978, the school held her First Inter House Athletic Competition/Founders’ Day. The following year, on the 2nd day of June 1979, the second Inter House Athletic Competition/Founders’ Day of Igbo-Ukwu Girls’ Secondary School was held.

The buildings were fruits of unity, determination and togetherness of the people of Igbo-Ukwu. The funds were raised through donations and self-imposed levies by the Igbo-Ukwu people. However, the Community and the Government are represented in the running of the school, for it was such a meaningful development that the government encouraged the community to co-operate with it. In the field of education therefore, Igbo-Ukwu community had wisely laid the foundation of that co-operation for the great future of their prosperity.  The partnership between Igbo-Ukwu community and the government in the field of post-primary education took off on a very high note.

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