Engr. Nnamdi Ifeako Appreciation Message after his successful installation as the Odu 111 of Igbo-Ukwu

Aug 9, 2022 | News Update


Nono (Udeze) and I want to sincerely thank the almighty God for elevating me to the esteemed position of ODU III of Igbo-Ukwu, the traditional leader of NGO village, Igbo-Ukwu. With all humility, I am not forgetting that this is a call to serve. We are praying and are also counting on your prayers for wisdom, strength, faithfulness, justice, fairness, truthfulness, good health and long life to serve you all by the special grace of God. Amen.

I want to thank all Igbo-Ukwu sons and daughters who witnessed this year’s New Yam Festival, the coronation ceremony of cabinet members and my reception as Odu III of Igbo-Ukwu. My profound appreciation also extends to the following distinguished personalities who graced the occasion and made it a memorable one: Chief Mike Nduka, the Oji III and regent of Igbo- Ukwu along with his cabinet members and their Nonos; His Excellency, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife (Okwadike Igbo-Ukwu) and Chief Rob Ezeife (Ahaejiejemba Igbo-Ukwu); Arc Christian Ike (the President General of Igbo-Ukwu) and all his honourable executives; Ichie Ezeabata Ntiajuokwu (Chairman of Odu cabinet) and all his members; Prof Uchenna Nwosu (Odenigbo Igbo-Ukwu and chairman of Igbo-Ukwu merit chiefs) and all his members; Nze Ezeakonobi Umeokpalaugo, (chairman Nze na Ozo Igbo-Ukwu) and all his members and their Nonos; Nze G.C Umeanuka Ohamadike (chairman of NGO Progressive Union); Nze Ezeifesinachi Ezeanyaeche and all the executives and members of Ngo Progressive Union; Ebele Obodoekwe and all members of his planning committee; Nze Ezediebube Chika Mmadubugwu and all members of his planning committee; the Chairlady, Umuada Igbo-Ukwu and all her members.

My special thanks also extend to the chairman Umeohana and all members of his executive, chairlady Umuada Umeohana and all her members; Kenneth Ezegwuonwu, chairman of Umuezeabuchi Ward 12 and all his executives and members; Nze Arinze Ifeakor Ezeonwanetieti (chairman of Umuokafor) and all his executives and members; Ezeberego (chairman Ngo masquerades) and all their members; Nze Ezeudodimma II Ifeakor, Prof Ameachi Ifeakor (my dear mother) and all members of Ifeakor family and our in-laws, all members of Ngo Progressive Union.

A ton of gratitude goes to my classmates, friends and well-wishers, Ikwu na Ibe, Nnaochies, Umunwadianas, members of the press, video personnel, photographers, and lovers of peace, and culture and tradition. I sincerely appreciate you all for your time, presence, calls, messages and gifts.

I pray that the Good Lord will be with you all in the time of your need and celebration in Jesus’ name. Amen!

May God bless you all!

Long live Ngo!
Long live Igbo-Ukwu!!

Nze Sir Ezechinyelugo Nnamdi Ifeakor (Odu III Igbo-Ukwu)