Igbo-Ukwu Town Hall


Igbo-Ukwu began the discussions for the need for a befitting town hall from the time when the Igbo-Ukwu Development Union was birthed. Before 1985, it was only he Council office that existed as structure in Amahulu. The launching of the Igbo-Ukwu Development Union (IDU) 2.5-million-naira development fund of the 26th day of December 1985 had as one of its main objectives to raise fund that will be invested in the construction of Amaehulu town hall. However, work was already in progress at the site before this time and was estimated to cost N260,000.00 for the completion.

There was a disagreement on the siting of the project at the current location. It was a revisit of the events of the Council Office of 1973; Ichie J.C. Major Azike and a few others wanted the hall to be re-sited somewhere along the tarred road, while the PG, V.C. Agwuncha and the rest wanted it at the current location. The people saw other reasons which included the difficulties of acquiring enough land space along the tarred road. The actual contract was awarded at the cost of N35,000.00 after a strongly contested debate among the people on the eventual contractor and another contractor who quoted N51,000.00 for the construction.

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